Club Galactik is LIVE!!!

I’m proud to tell everyone that the company where I work, VirtualFairground / BigwheelStudio, has released Club Galactik’s 3D Avatar Creator! Go check it and start creating your own Avatar! And do not forget to Keep checking the site cause there is a lot more to come! Hope you all like it!! Press release: Virtual […]

FLARToolkit Single & MultipleMarker Detection

What you will need: 1. Photoshop (any will do) 2. Papervision3D rev. 817 or later 3. FlarToolkit 4. ArToolkit Marker Generator (flash player 10) 5. webcam 6. Fash CS3 or Higher There are allready some great sites experimenting and writing tutorials about Augmented reality in flash. This is nothing new, just my experience in writing […]

Pearl Jam The Game

Great 3D puzzle game!! Definately check it out! (source: thefwa)

Nice truck game

source – strongesttruck

PV3D – Interactive Shaded Cube

Ryan and myself wanted to figure out how to create have an interactive cube which uses a ShadedMaterial (MovieMaterial + Shader). Problem was that when you had a shadedmaterial you didn’t get any interactiveScene3DEvent’s back, when you used only the MovieMaterial and set it to interactive=true everything worked fine, but in combination with a shader […]

PV3D – Playing with light and cubes

Little thingy in between, playing with light in the most simplest way there is. It has no purpose…, but thought he why not. Click and drag the cube. On click the light will tween out of the center outside the cubes, onrelease move back to the center. At this point i’m still looking around to […]

PV3D – Changing Cube Materials at runtime

A little demo illustrating how to change cube materials at runtime. In this demo you can click to go to the next side of the cube. Or just use your left and right arrow keys, _sidesLeftToRight = ["back", "right", "front", "left"]; _currpageID = 0;   private function updateSkin():void {  var faceName:String = _sidesLeftToRight[(_currpageID % _sidesLeftToRight.length)]; […]

Free Carlos Ulloa – Papervision3D – Audio Session had a free session with Carlos Ulloa the 20th of Jan. You can download Carlos his session here in audio. Enjoy.

Papervision3D Multiple Objects hitTest

A little research on hitTest with multiple objects. You could imagine what you could do with it, for instance create a game like Guitar Hero (with a setup like this that is). Code is now committed at, hope you enjoy it If you want to add more hitArea’s (planes) on the stage to do […]

Experiments downloads available asap

As soon as possible I will commit all the experiments you find on this blog to At the moment it’s an empty repository. This will be updated soon!

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