Experiments downloads available asap

As soon as possible I will commit all the experiments you find on this blog to codexperiments.googlecode.com. At the moment it’s an empty repository. This will be updated soon!

Slider with Friction – Component (wismanas3lib)

New component added in wismanas3lib at googlecode. In this example the vertical slider has less friction and has its friction restricted to its boundaries where the horizontal slider has no restrictions. Play around with it and if you like it get it from my svn repository here. It is very easy to use: (update in […]

Flash + Augmented Reality + real-time Face recognition

Sander Wichers is working on his opensource FMS called Mammoth, one of the things it can handle is Augmented Reality! And Also Real-Time Face recognition! Augmented reality exampleReal-time face recognition example Totally Love It! Keep up the great work!

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