FLARToolkit Single & MultipleMarker Detection

What you will need: 1. Photoshop (any will do) 2. Papervision3D rev. 817 or later 3. FlarToolkit 4. ArToolkit Marker Generator (flash player 10) 5. webcam 6. Fash CS3 or Higher There are allready some great sites experimenting and writing tutorials about Augmented reality in flash. This is nothing new, just my experience in writing […]

Augmented Reality Drumkit by Squidder

Augmented Reality Drum Kit (demo #1) from squidder on Vimeo. source: squidder

Flash Press by NoPonies

Flash Press is simply an AMFPHP and Zend_AMF service for connecting to WordPress. The purpose of the project is to allow for using WordPress as a CMS for Flash websites etc. Currently it only supports read operations from the WordPress database. However, they are looking at adding write support. It’s still in development but a […]

Note – Most experiments make use of WismanAS3Lib

Ola peeps, some of my experiments use classes from wismanas3lib repository, so please get a copy from the repository so you can retrieve possible updates aswell. Or download them here (!! the classes will get updated so it’s better to use the googlecode repository !!). Thanx for the understanding! Cheers JW

PV3D – Changing Cube Materials at runtime

A little demo illustrating how to change cube materials at runtime. In this demo you can click to go to the next side of the cube. Or just use your left and right arrow keys, _sidesLeftToRight = ["back", "right", "front", "left"]; _currpageID = 0;   private function updateSkin():void {  var faceName:String = _sidesLeftToRight[(_currpageID % _sidesLeftToRight.length)]; […]

JigLib Flash + Papervision3D Demo

I had to play immediately with the JigLibFlash library. Like always there is a learning curve, but the syntax is at least better written/understandable than Box2DFlash, which doesn’t mean that I don’t like Box2DFlash, cause I do! In this example you use the mouse to move the magenta ball, when you keep your mouse at […]

JigLib Flash – 3D Physics Engine

It’s ported from the c++ open source physics engine JigLib. The current 3D rendering engine used in the examples is Papervision 3D. At the moment they are improving JigLibFlash and adding new features. They say it still in the early stages, but there is allready a really nice example up at jilibflash.googlecode.com. For the repository: […]

Fun with Ribbons3D

Old experiment I found with the ribbon3D class thought might as well post it. With many thanx to Soulwire for writing this class. Based on where your mouse positions it tweens to that location via bezier points. package {  // papervision  import org.papervision3d.core.effects.view.ReflectionView;  import org.papervision3d.lights.PointLight3D;  import org.papervision3d.materials.shadematerials.FlatShadeMaterial;  import org.papervision3d.objects.DisplayObject3D;    // tweenmax  import gs.TweenMax;  import […]

3D World – SimpleDemo

Simple demo showing the world in 3D, using a bitmap as texture combined with a phongshader and a shadedmaterial which combines the bitmap and the phongshader. For sure its not new, but its still fun. Here’s the code: package {  // tweenmax import gs.easing.Back;  import gs.TweenMax;    // papervision  import org.papervision3d.materials.shaders.ShadedMaterial;  import org.papervision3d.materials.shaders.PhongShader;  import org.papervision3d.core.effects.view.ReflectionView; […]

GoogleMaps API – SimpleDemo

Simple demo showing google maps in flash, add a marker as an overlay with a listener to open its information window. (Up at codexperiments.googlecode.com). package {  // flash  import flash.geom.Point;  import flash.events.Event;  import flash.display.MovieClip;    // google maps  import com.google.maps.Map;  import com.google.maps.MapEvent;  import com.google.maps.MapType;  import com.google.maps.LatLng;  import com.google.maps.InfoWindowOptions;  import com.google.maps.MapOptions;  import com.google.maps.overlays.Marker;  import com.google.maps.MapMouseEvent;  import […]

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