FITC 2009 – Amsterdam ROCKED!!!

Ok it’s bin a blast! Seeing GMunk, Mario Klingemann, Keith Peters and many others presentations, most inspiring! They had a really high end speakers list, so unfortunately you can’t see all presentations. A couple of things that I really think are true is what Aral Balkan said in his presentation (The future is so bright, […]

Siftables, are AWESOME

MIT grad student David Merrill demos Siftables — cookie-sized, computerized tiles you can stack and shuffle in your hands. These future-toys can do math, play music, and talk to their friends, too. Is this the next thing in hands-on learning? Go and read his full bio on TED.

Flash On Tap 09 Pre-Interview with Keith Peters

This thurday, feb 11th Interview with Keith Peters! Make sure you join, its free!!! Get your free ticket here. For more information read’s post. Hope to see you there!

Free Carlos Ulloa – Papervision3D – Audio Session had a free session with Carlos Ulloa the 20th of Jan. You can download Carlos his session here in audio. Enjoy.

FITC Amsterdam 2009

FITC has held 17 events over 7 years, through 9 cities and 4 countries, with over 700 presentations and over 10,000 attendees. From Flash to motion design, to design and creative inspiration, to other technologies like Flex, Air and processing, FITC events stand as unique and exciting events that educate, challenge, and inspire. We began […]

Design By Fire

The Design by Fire conference strives to be the breeding ground for the newest ideas on interaction design. The conference provides a stage for inspiring professionals to share their passion for interaction design with peers. Design by Fire 2008 will feature a full day of inspirational and pioneering sessions for anyone who practices interaction design, […]