FLARToolkit Single & MultipleMarker Detection

What you will need: 1. Photoshop (any will do) 2. Papervision3D rev. 817 or later 3. FlarToolkit 4. ArToolkit Marker Generator (flash player 10) 5. webcam 6. Fash CS3 or Higher There are allready some great sites experimenting and writing tutorials about Augmented reality in flash. This is nothing new, just my experience in writing […]

Augmented Reality Drumkit by Squidder

Augmented Reality Drum Kit (demo #1) from squidder on Vimeo. source: squidder

Pearl Jam The Game

Great 3D puzzle game!! Definately check it out! (source: thefwa)

Nice truck game

source – strongesttruck

Flash Press by NoPonies

Flash Press is simply an AMFPHP and Zend_AMF service for connecting to WordPress. The purpose of the project is to allow for using WordPress as a CMS for Flash websites etc. Currently it only supports read operations from the WordPress database. However, they are looking at adding write support. It’s still in development but a […]

PV3D – Interactive Shaded Cube

Ryan and myself wanted to figure out how to create have an interactive cube which uses a ShadedMaterial (MovieMaterial + Shader). Problem was that when you had a shadedmaterial you didn’t get any interactiveScene3DEvent’s back, when you used only the MovieMaterial and set it to interactive=true everything worked fine, but in combination with a shader […]

Brownian Motion + CollisionGrid

View experiment. Started reading Advanced Actionscript 3 Animation written by Keith Peters & Seb Lee-DeLisle (technical reviewer) so here’s a little experiment with grid collision using the FP10 Vector class. Let it run for a while and it creates a nice weird image. Brownian CollisionDemo: package {  import flash.display.BlendMode;  import flash.filters.BlurFilter;  import flash.display.Bitmap;  import flash.display.BitmapData; […]