FITC 2009 – Amsterdam ROCKED!!!

Posted on February 25, 2009
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Ok it’s bin a blast! Seeing GMunk, Mario Klingemann, Keith Peters and many others presentations, most inspiring! They had a really high end speakers list, so unfortunately you can’t see all presentations.

A couple of things that I really think are true is what Aral Balkan said in his presentation (The future is so bright, I need to wear shades) – Ask yourself the question: ‘Does it give me joy?’ if not change it! It is so important to have fun in the work you do it only helps getting the end result perfect or at least better than that you don’t like what you are working on. This is also something you can see when you watch all the presentations/lectures, they all have so much passion in the way they talk about their work it’s addictive and inspiring. You know what I mean when you are at a presentation and you get inspired the only thing you want to do is start playing around with your own ideas or start projects with your friends just for fun and explore all the possibilities to learn from eachother and create some cool projects.

I want to end with some cool links to projects that they showed us at FITC Amsterdam 2009:
Seb Lee-DeLisle – BBC Game site for Big & Small. watch.
Seb Lee-DeLisle – Papervision3D Simplified. watch.
GMunk – New Showreel. watch.
Ralph Hauwert – Realtime SID (Sound Interface Device) Playback in flash. watch.
Joshua Davis – All his work. watch.
Andre Michelle – AudioTool. watch.
Keith Peters – Art from Code. watch.
Mario Klingemann – The Tinkerer’s box. Probably in the near future his presentation will be available here. But check out his site as well. watch.
Theo Watson – Openframeworks. watch.


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